Replica Candle

Behold, my favorite candle for this holiday season! I buy a Maison Margiela candle every year, and this year they finally made a candle for my favorite fragrance, By The Fireplace. It smells just like a burning fire and the scent is so cozy I can't get enough. This year they changed the packaging though and it's oh so chic. The glass is a milky color but has the same fabric label (which is my favorite part), but now it comes with a metal cap to place on top when not in use.

Yeah this candle is a bit of a splurge but the scent can't be compared to anything else, and sometimes I'll just leave it unlit and the smell will still fill the entire room. The packaging is just a plus for me, I will admit I am obsessed with the cotton labels (they match the labels on the couture line *swoon*). Plus, it has 30 hours of burn time and when it runs out you can use it to hold rollerball fragrances or brushes!

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