The CEO Squad

Vitamin C seems to be all the rage right now. Every brand has one, and everyone has an opinion on it. So many people are into ascorbic acids, but so far Sunday Riley's CEO line has given me the results I want with their THD ascorbate. By accident I am currently using all these products together, and I am liking what is going on so far.

C.E.O. C+E Micro-Dissolve Cleansing Oil*

Something about a cleansing oil that will remove all your makeup while also lightly exfoliating and rinsing away all the pollution from the day sounds like a dream come true. This oil claims to be appropriate for all skin types, take off even the most stubborn eye makeup, and maybe it does, but it's not going to be pretty.

Holy hell, this burned with the fire of a thousand suns. I have never felt such a panic trying to get this oil out of my eyes.  And while it did feel as if I had been set aflame, I am still using this as a cleanser when I am not wearing makeup. It's nice to use as a simple cleanse, just not my preference for a makeup remover. Use with caution.

C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum*

The true heavy lifter of the line, and my personal favorite, the 15% THD ascorbate serum! I am obsessed with the texture of this serum, it is ultralight and half a pump is enough for your entire face. I love pairing it with my Good Genes serum (this is not a Sunday Riley ad, I am really that obsessed with her products) in the morning, together they make my skin plump and bright and ready for makeup. I've been using for a little over a month now and my skin is looking a lot more even. I am into it.

C.E.O. C+E antiOXIDANT Protect & Repair Moisturizer*

This moisturizer feels like a dream and smells like an orange creamsicle. I enjoyed that this moisturizer is supposed to protect against pollution while also brightening and respecting sensitive skin. It says it is appropriate for all skin types, however I found it to be a little heavy under my makeup, so I prefer to wear it at night. I did find this worked very well with my retinol products. In the past I could not combine vitamin C and retinol without my face drying out but this worked perfectly. Currently I am using it as a night cream mixed with a couple drops of oil.


* I received this product in gratis, all opinions remain my own.