Autumn Fragrance

I'll admit, I can get a little cray with my fragrance. I always change it up for the seasons, I have my signature fragrance, scents for date night, and I even have one that I wear when it rains (it's so humid in Louisiana! It's the only one that works with the rain) Usually I'll shake it up throughout the week but lately I've been wearing one in particular.

I'm sure I am not the only one who thinks Chanel N°5 can be a little heavy. It's a classic, don't get me wrong, but I don't know anyone my age that wears it regularly. So when I saw N°5 L'eau on the shelf, I was curious, it was called N°5, but it looked lighter, I was intrigued. So I tried it, and it was nice. It has the heart of the original N°5, but with a citrus top note that really makes this fragrance sparkle. I had a difficult time wearing it though, it wasn't heavy enough during the winter, and it was just too much in the summertime. But then I remembered, autumn. N°5 L'eau is absolute perfection in fall. It's crisp, it's modern, and it's sophisticated. It can be worn as an everyday fragrance or when I have a hot date. As a fragrance hoarder I can't believe I found one to wear everyday!