TCFS Eggie Review

I have talked about these products time and time again, but I just have to remind everybody of my undying love for the Too Cool For School products. As you all know by now, I try a lot of products and I like to shake it up to keep you guys updated on what is worth trying, but some products remain my tried and true. When I found out that Too Cool For School chose me to review the egg line from the brand I knew I would love it (since I have tried it all before) but I also wanted to dedicate a blog post to them since they are perfect products to have on hand at all times.

Egg Cream Mask Hydration*

This will forever be my favorite sheet mask. It’s hydrating, calming, and does not have an overwhelming scent. My personal favorite is the hydrating one since it is the OG egg mask, however there is a collagen mask and a pore care one as well. Those are good, but the hydration one always makes my skin look so good after one use! The texture of this mask has never been matched by another sheet mask I have used, and it has the perfect amount of serum in the packet. I liked to the bundle since you get more for your money, but you can always just get 1 sheet mask at a time.

Egg Mellow Cream*

If you were looking for an all in one product that is literally everything in one jar (neck cream, eye cream, face cream, serum, and primer) this is it. This is what I throw in my bag when I am running out of the door and need to pack lightly. As you guys may have seen on my instagram, I have been spending my weekends with my family in Mandeville lately, and this is what I have been bringing with me. It is so hydrating yet absorbs quickly and is safe to use around the eyes and neck so it’s perfect! I have used this as a night cream as well and in the morning my skin felt hydrated and happy. If you are not in the mood to use a ton of products, this is a great option. I cannot think of another product that combines this many steps in one and actually works.

Egg Mellow Body Butter*

Too Cool For School Mellow Body Butter

This is the most decadent body butter I have ever used. I bought it forever ago and when I saw it was one of the products I was reviewing, I was elated. I like to keep this as my Sunday body cream, since it is such a treat. I will admit it is difficult to not slather my entire body with this every night, although I might start to do that we the weather cools down. My favorite aspect of this is the subtle scent that goes with any fragrance I use. Plus, the texture is #texturetuesday to the max, it looks like whipped frosting! I linked to the body butter that also comes with a few samples of the mellow cream for face as well, so you can try them both!

I have yet to use a TCFS product that I didn’t love, and I hope I get to try more in the future. These products have a great price point, they work, and they’re fun! What is not to love?


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