My Top 5 Takeaways From VenturePOP 2018

Hey everybody, long time no see! If you follow me on Instagram you probably noticed I was in New Orleans a couple weekends ago for VenturePOP! Sorry this post is coming to you so late, but life gets crazy sometimes. But better late than never, right?

I met a lot of amazing people over the weekend and learned a lot about how to take my blog to the next level. But for the sake of time I narrowed it down to my five top takeaways from the weekend.


Starting something new is scary, but if you find yourself constantly thinking of something and all the scary things that come with it, it might be worth exploring. I was so scared to start this blog because of what other people might think. What if everyone hated it? What if nobody cared about what I had to say? Someone has already done it, so why bother? These things kept me up at night until I realized that it didn’t matter what people thought as long as I was starting this for me. My point is: if something scares you, try it.


Talking about money can be tough, but you have to do it. I am thankful to have a day job that forces me to talk about money daily and it has helped a TON in other aspects of my life. But I still feel weird when it is regarding my personal business. Thankfully Shanna Skidmore was at VenturePOP to talk all about money and how to talk about it in a way that wasn’t scary. Is this blog my day job? No, but I wish it was! And her talk made it seem possible.


I met the BEST people during VenturePOP weekend, and I never would have had I not gone. I spend majority of my time holed up in my room typing away on blog posts or watching Netflix, but the key to the best relationships is being present. The internet has made meeting anyone and everyone a possibility. I even met people that I knew online while I was at the conference. But especially for your business, it might be worth starting something off of social media. Since the conference I have been working on ways to promote my work without the use of Instagram or Pinterest (my two go tos). While it is challenging, it is also bringing me closer to my community and that is making it all worth it.


I believe you should always push yourself a little out of your comfort zone. That is where the magic happens after all. But this weekend made me realize some things may be worth waiting for. There was a lot of talk about creating courses and while that got my gears turning on different courses I could make for you guys, I ultimately decided my blog was not ready for it. Maybe next year, however right now my blog is still in the baby stages (to me at least). My point is, if you feel like something might be a good idea, it’s just not the right time. It is okay to go with your gut and wait.


I know I know I just contradicted myself. But I am also here to say that if you have had an idea to start something for a while but have yet to pull the trigger, just freaking do it. This blog started out as my throwing together a website with no idea what I wanted to talk about or what I wanted it to look like, and I never would have found my voice or brand had I not started. Sure, I have some blog posts with unfortunate photos lurking in my feed somewhere, but had I never started I would have never found my brand. Don’t let things like a name or a layout get in the way to starting something new!

I learned a lot over that weekend, and sure not all that information pertained to me and my blog, but just meeting people alone made the weekend worth while. If you have been considering going to a VenturePOP conference, I highly recommend it. And if you have been thinking about starting your own website, I hope this gave you some insight!

As for education, if you guys are ever interested in consulting from me in regards to skincare, please let me know. I have always done this but have never advertised it on my blog even though it is something I offer.