2018 Review

2018 was a crazy year, amiright? I am not one for year end review posts but I did one last year and it was kind of fun to read, so I thought I would reflect on the goals I set for myself in 2017 and see if I accomplished anything. And I mean, of course I will share my goals for 2019.

2018 Goal: Another Whole30

Did I do it? Kinda. Before I went to Arizona I knew I would be hiking a lot and wanted to be able to handle the mountains and keep up with my family. I did a “loose” Whole30 beore leaving and it really did help. By loose Whole30 I mean I cleaned up my diet and only drank/ate like shit when my sister and I would have our weekly margarita nights, and when we tailgated for the Alabama/LSU game (I had to!). I was careful to not let a day of debauchery ruin my entire week so it didn’t ruin it in the long run. I still worked out and ate clean foods to prep for that trip, and all went well!

2018 Goal: Do Something Different

Did I start posting about things other than skincare on the blog? Sometimes. BUT I did start posting my own face on my Instagram feed, and that is a big deal. For the longest time I hated looking at my face on camera. It is the worst. I forced myself to start talking to myself on my stories and it evolved into my weekly empties posts which you guys seem to love, and while I don’t post selfies I will share a personal photo from time to time. AND I started featuring my plant babies! I never thought posting plant pictures would help my insta flow (gotta have good flow). I am so happy I started posting things other than skincare flatlays.

2018 Goal: Branch Out a Little

Looking at this and knowing that I have been thinking about starting a podcast for over a year just solidifies that I need to in 2019. I officially bought a microphone so get ready you guys! It’s happening!

2018 Goal: Work With Brands

Ah, a goal I actually started putting in motion. I have met the coolest people since moving to Baton Rouge, and that never would have never happened if I hadn’t moved here. I have grown to love Baton Rouge because of the people I have met, which is weird to say since I grew up hating Baton Rouge and always wanted to leave.

2018 Goal: Save Up For School

Yeah, this did not happen. Next.

2018 Goal: Have More Fun!

Hell yeah I had more fun! Living in Baton Rouge and not having to drive an hour to work anymore was worth the move for sure. I feel like I am actually enjoying my twenties now. I am beyond happy with how my social life turned out this year, I was miserable and needed a change and I am so glad I got it.

So what about those 2019 goals?


I’m so glad you asked! I don’t have any intense ones just yet. I wanted to have a new layout for this blog by the 1st, and here it is! So I guess I already took care of that. There are some things on here that I would like to fine tune but I will cross those bridges when I get there. I would like to get a newsletter started by February and a podcast at least in process by midyear.

As for personal goals, my sister is getting married in January 2020 and I want to look great in the photos so I will probably start some new workout routines. I have been looking for a roommate for some time but with no luck I figured living alone would be my best bet. I have always wanted to live alone and I’m glad that is finally happening. Oh, and I want to use this bitchin’ new planner I got. Very excited. Happy 2019!