Office Essentials

I never thought I would be the kind of person that carries a bag of skincare around until I left Sephora. Having a desk job has made my skin somehow dry and shiny and it definitely needs a boost midday. Plus, I get stressed at work and I find a face mist just calms me down. Since I prefer to travel light I have figured out the necessities that get me through the day without feeling like a raisin or losing my mind. Everything in my bag is small and gets the job done.

I have listed below what I bring to work everyday, and when I settle into one office I will probably leave them in my desk drawer. This isn't just skincare either, there are a few makeup products I carry with me, and a couple products for stress relief as well.


Hand Cream

I must have hand cream with me always. My hands get so dry throughout the day and when they are dry I pick at my cuticles and that is not a good look. I recently bought this Peach Slices hand gel and it is the perfect amount of hydration without the greasy feel of a typical hand cream. They do make a cream and a lotion so if you prefer different levels of hydration you can tailor it to your needs. I decided to go with the gel this time since the texture was unique and it doesn't leave a residue on everything I touch after I use it. I was worried about the scent since I do not want to overwhelm others around me with too much fragrance, but there was little to no scent at all! This stuff is perfect and with that great price I can see myself repurchasing this for sure.

Face Mist

Gotta have a face mist. It's like a mini escape from the day and it refreshes my complexion with no effort. I always shake it up with brands, but my current favorite is the Kopari coconut rose toner. It has a great mister and it doesn't separate my makeup. I'm not sure if this one comes in a travel size individually, I got this one in a kit from a while back. Another brand that I love for face mists is Caudalie. Their Beauty Elixir is to die for, and it comes in a travel size! I can see myself keeping a full size in my drawer at work in the future, but for now I am commited to the minis.


I like to smell good! But not in an overpowering way. I used to dislike fragrance rollerballs but now I appreciate how discreet they are! I can reapply my fragrance after lunch and nobody gets offended by fragrance being sprayed everywhere. Lately my go to has been the Elizabeth & James Nirvana Amethyst fragrance. It's spicy and indulgent and I just love it.

Lip products

I usually have more lip products that what is in this photo, but I'm trying to slim it down I promise! I like to have options! Lately my stash has included a couple different options. First, we have regular lipstick, right now it's the Tom Ford Lip Color in Indian Rose. I got this mini as a 100 point perk from Sephora but I am seriously considering the full size. It is the perfect natural pink and it is perfect for daily use and my mini is almost gone. I also keep a tinted lip balm in my bag in case I don't want to commit to a full on lipstick but would like some color. Right now my go to is the Kopari Lip Love in Hibiskiss. So cute. I usually keep a clear lip balm on my as well, you can never have enough lip balm. I prefer the Glossier balm dot com in mint since it's so refreshing.

Stress Relief

This is my secret weapon for whenever my head is pounding or if I just need a mini vacation at my desk. If you don't have any of this in your life, you need it now because it is a lifesaver. I originally got the Origins Peace of Mind Spot Relief drops when I was on a work trip in California and was getting a little stressed out. This guy helped big time. It's cooling and relaxing, and for the rest of my time at my old job I kept it in my pocket for whenever I got a headache. Now I just use it on occasion but there have been times I let people borrow it and they are obsessed now.


There ya have it folks, my bag of goodies that I keep at my desk. I know it might seem like a lot but I think I have done a good job at keeping it to just the necessities.

What are your secrets to relieving stress? Do you have any products that you must have at work?