Welcome Back!

You may have noticed a lack in posts lately, and I apologize for leaving with no warning, but I needed a break from the blog.

Let me explain....

A few things happened that opened my eyes to the fact that I may benefit from taking a hiatus from writing. I knew I didn't want to quit creating content forever, but I thought a little break was a good idea. Plus, I had been thinking of adding some other aspects to this space for some time now and I figured giving myself some time to think about it would let the idea fully form.

I initially created this space with a specific intention and I noticed over time that I was not getting that point across.. But then I realized I never set the stage for what that was in the first place. My bad guys, my bad.

I also tend to fall into new things and let them consume my life. I started this blog with no direction really, I just wanted to create a space to share my opinion on skincare/art/self care and before I knew it I was knee deep in skincare reviews not even focusing on what I wanted this blog to be in the first place. Confession, I also felt that way about art school. I didn't realize how much I needed art in my life until I stopped making it. Now I'm considering going back to school. Had I not stopped painting I would not have realized it was so important to my well being. Basically, taking a break from this blog has made me fall in love with it all over again. 

Something that I didn't realize my blog was getting in the way of? My social life. I spent two years commuting an hour to work and an hour back home. And where I lived at the time wasn't exactly exciting. My social life seriously suffered. Thankfully I got a job that gives me the luxury of living close by and I decided to live my life a little. I can actually spend time with my friends and do things with my free time besides drive and sleep. I have been spending time with my friends, dating, and going on vacation (my sister just got engaged, congrats Morgan and Tyler!). My goal is to find a balance between my day job, my personal relationships, and this blog. Will some things get less attention sometimes? Sure, but I accept the challenge!

So now that I am back at it, what's next? What's new? Well, I will continue writing reviews for skincare products, but I have fallen in love with Baton Rouge that I want to highlight some brands I have stumbled upon since moving back.

I still have a passion for beauty and self care, but I want to branch out in other things as well. This is where I need your help. What do you want from me? Social media has changed so much and you have to change it up to keep it interesting. And for my fellow bloggers out there, what do you do to keep it interesting?



* Photos taken by Jordan Hefler