Keeping It Local With Love Life Soap Co.

Confession: I have always hated bar soap. There, I said it. It always disappears in two seconds and that soapy film that develops when it sits out after you shower? Nasty. Now, I will also say that my experience begins and ends with conventional bar soaps you usually see at the grocery store. Because I was so turned off from what I got from these products, I strayed from buying them for a loooong time. Now that I think about it, I haven't bought a true bar of soap in over ten years actually. It wasn't until my last trip to the Midcity Makers Market that I decided I had to give a bar of soap a try.

Love Life Soap Co. first caught my attention with their darling packaging. So cute! After I was done swooning over that, I saw the different scent options. Grapefruit Sea Salt...Rose Patchouli...Pale Ale?! A beer soap?! I had to have it. That day I decided to go with the Pale Ale bar, if it wasn't obvious. I love that it has the perfect hoppy yet citrus smell. Plus, it was made in collaboration with Tin Roof using their VooDoo Pale Ale, which makes me love it even more (If it's local, I need it). 

I do not regret going back to bar soaps after purchasing from Love Life. I have never used a bar soap that got so foamy and still didn't disappear in a second. I will also mention that lately I have been having some dry skin problems, I'm talking itchy, flaky skin all over and I have no idea why. Whatever is in this soap has seriously calmed down the problems I have been having.  I am hooked on these soaps now.

Peppermint Lip Butter

So we talked about the soap and how great it is, but I also want to tell you about the lip butters as well. These little jars of lip love are so cute. It was definitely an impulse buy but I have no regrets nonetheless. It's not a ooey gooey lip balm, so it's perfect for when you need some moisture but nothing overwhelming. I naturally went for the peppermint flavor since it's my go to for lip balm but I wanted them all.

I will update you with other products I try as I get them (like the butter bar!), but so far I am in love with this brand and want it all. For more information on what Love Life Soap Co. does for the community, like their Give Back bars, go visit their instagram!

Now time for the fun stuff! Since you guys are just the best, Love Life has a special treat for you! Until next Friday (August 17th) you guys can get 25% off your purchase with code: SUMMER25. What a treat! Let me know what you get, and have a great weekend :)