Because I Love My Lips Pt. 2

I posted  a photo on my Instagram a while back of my current lip serum and you guys went crazy! I always thought I was crazy for putting so much intention on lip care (I mean, I use a lot of products) but it turns out you guys had questions as well! What luck :) So this post will be completely dedicated to what I use in my lip routine and why.

Lip Scrub (not pictured)

I am not going to spend a lot of time on this step because I feel like it is the most used. Lip scrub is tried and true and people like it for obvious reasons. It keeps  your lips soft and makes your lipstick go on better blah blah blah. Some people think that it is an unnecessary propduct, and I don't blame you, if you want to use your face scrub to scrub your lips, go for it! I personally do not use a physical scrub on my face at the moment so I need a lip scrub. I just ran out of my last one and I don't have a photo but I linked to the one that I have been eyeing.

Lip Serum

Probably the my favorite step since I have been obsessed with my lip serum since I got it. I use it every morning, and I put it all over my lips and the area around my lips every morning before moisturizer. This is my saving grace for preventing lip wrinkles. It has an interesting scent/taste, which I don't hate but I can't put my finger on what it reminds me of. It's full of collagen, and algae oil and my lips are hydrated and plump all day! Plus the packaging is so fun it is my favorite thing to use right now.

Overnight Lip Mask

lip masks

This is a little different than your average lip balm. It is way thicker than a regular lip balm, it is so thick actually that I will wake up in the morning with it still on. This is an accomplishment since I sleep with two fans on all night. Without this lip mask my lips get dry and flaky no matter how much scrub I use, it has been a staple in nightly routine and I keep it on my nightstand to have easy access before I go to sleep. Another pro, this thing is HUGE. It is well worth the $15 considering it's almost a full ounce, and you only need a dot so it will last forever.

Lip Masks (literally)

These lip masks are like mini sheet masks just for your lips! Lip masks can pretty much do anything. Plump, hydrate, smooth. You name it! The results are instant and they are a nice pick me up before a big event. I personally use a lip mask when I have a date or event and I know I won't want to be touching up my lipstick all night. I feel like everything just goes on smoother when I use a lip mask. There are so many lip masks to try sometimes it is difficult to pick one though. The one shown in the photo I actually got at Target, but I can't find the online link! I did link to a nice value pack on Amazon since it is a little bit of everything and it isn't crazy expensive, so you can try a bunch of different ones before decided what to invest in.


Why do I use so many products you ask? From my time working in retail I have helped a lot of people with the same concern: vertical lip lines. And to my knowledge I can't think of something that will completely get rid of them. Diminish them? Sure! but get rid of them? That is tough. I personally do not want to get lip filler, I have nothing against it, I just like the way my lips look right now, and I want to keep it that way. So for me this is all for prevention. If you have tips or tricks please let me know, I would love to try something new!