But Is It Worth It?

Sometimes I wonder if a skincare product is worth the price tag, and sometimes the packaging is so wonderful I don't even care about the cost. What can I say, I’m a sucker for pretty things! I know this is not the case for everyone, and sometimes finding a good dupe is so satisfying. Is there such thing as luxury and cost effective?

I have been a fan of La Mer products since I first bought the creme de la mer for my mom as a Christmas present. She ended up letting me have it since she decided it wasn’t for her, and I wasn’t going to let all that money go to waste! I loved the La Mer Cream. The price tag? Not so much. That is some pretty expensive face cream. The kit I bought was $150 (it is back in stock here, and it’s a nice way to try different products in the line) and it only came with a half ounce of the cream. After I used up the kit I was faced with a question. Do I shell out the cash for this fancy pants cream? Or do I look at different options? For the sake of my wallet I decided to look at different options. And I figured I could make it into a blog post while I was at it.

The Luxury Option - Creme De La Mer

Obviously, this is the splurge. And you can tell. The texture is decadent, and the scent is of a rich old lady. An old lady that probably wears oversized sunglasses 24/7, is a total betch, and never looks anything less than amazing. Did I mention the price though? It is expensive. A one ounce jar is $175, and while the texture is a little much for day time use (for me at least) making it last longer since it is only used at night, it’s still expensive. La Mer’s claim to fame is the Miracle Broth which consists of seaweed sourced magic.

Now the real question, did it do anything? I did not use this cream every night, it does cost a small fortune after all. Every time I decided to use it, I would wake up with bright, smooth skin. I really did love this cream. So much, but my wallet forced me to shop around for a different option.

The Reasonable Option - Seaweed Bath Co. Restoring Marine Night Therapy Cream

I call this reasonable because you can get it at Target or on Amazon, and the price is a little more than your standard drugstore option, but the ingredients are fabulous! I would describe the texture as more of a balm than anything, it still has a thick texture that feels luxurious though. My skin drinks this stuff up and is so happy in the morning, it definitely feels firmer and smoother every time. The downside? I do not like the smell. It fades after a couple seconds but it smells like stale makeup. I thought it had gone back when I first bought it but after looking up reviews I saw that the smell was a common problem.

The Drugstore Option - Pond’s Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream

When I was looking up different dupes for La Mer, this product came up every. single. time. I was in such shock over how many times it came up that I bought it. And when I saw the price ($8?!) I had to get it. Sure, the ingredients are similar to the La Mer cream, but the scent is a different kind of old lady smell. I wasn’t crazy about it. As far as using the cream, the smell lingered for a little too long after I applied it and I wasn’t crazy about it, and it made my face itch! I was not a fan of this, but I was not expecting much anyway. But now I don’t know what to do with this giant tub of old lady cream.

At the end of the day, it is up to you what works best. As for me, I am happiest with the Seaweed Co. Marine cream. My wallet is happy and I have enjoyed the results I have gotten since using this cream, even with the funny smell. If it was between the Pond’s cream and La Mer, I would probably splurge on the La Mer. It is so good and I loved the results.