Nightstand Essentials

A while back I mentioned that I have been getting the best sleep ever, and I thought it may have been a fluke considering I just started using a few new products in my nighttime routine. Well, I have given it a solid month of continued use and I have decided these will now be staples in my nightly routine since I have been getting the best sleep! I will also say that doing these things have added no time to my routine (it is already lengthy, and when I am ready for bed, I am ready), and I keep it all on my nightstand for easy access.

Laneige Lip Seeping Mask

laneige lip mask

Okay so I already have a post up declaring my newfound love for this product, but I have enjoyed the results from this product so much I wanted to mention it again. There is something so satisfying about using this lip balm over regular ones. The texture is so thick and I wake up with soft hydrated lips every morning. Even with two fans running! Laneige recently came out with other flavors of this balm, but I enjoy the original berry flavor since it isn't overwhelming and it's slightly fruity.

Mythos Apothecary Oracle Mist

I am not one to use a smudge stick or crystals in my day to day, but something about this mist intrigued me. I enjoyed that the scent wasn't overwhelming but it was still present. Every night before I go to sleep I mist this all over my pillow and off to dreamland I go. The scent is so subtle I could even see myself bringing it to work to spray around my desk. Will it make me doze off while I am at work? Maybe, but at least I wouldn't have negative energy hanging around. I have used pillow mists before in the past but I think my problem has been how overpowering the scent is. Instead of helping me sleep it ends up keeping me awake. This mist has been the perfect balance of relaxation and clarification.

Mythos Apothecary Sacred Sleep Balm

Yes, I am listing two products from this brand, and I plan on doing a full post on this brand soon (I am currently using a lot of products from them) but for now I am just going to talk about these two since they are a part of my nightly routine. I have heard of people putting lavender on the soles of their feet to help with snoring, but that's not my concern so I never do that. When I saw this balm that you are supposed to put on the soles of your feet I was intrigued. If putting lavender on your feet helps, this balm should to, right? Every night while I am in bed, I will run this lightly over the soles of my feet, and I have been sleeping like a baby.

So Yaya Mani Balm

I have a confession, I have a terrible habit of picking at my fingernails. I have noticed this happens with A. I am overly stressed and have no outlet. I try to get to the gym so I can work out my daily stresses but I am human and cannot always get there. Or B. My hands get dry. I work with a lot of paper and sometimes hand cream does not cut it with hydration. At night I have been using this mani balm so I can start the day with hydrated and happy nail beds. And bonus, they also have a pedi balm!


But what if I am extra stressed?

natural calm

Sometimes, a nightly routine can't even get me to sleep. I have a lot of trouble relaxing which is why I got so into skincare in the first place. Doing my nightly routine helps me unwind after a long day and it also helps prep for the day ahead in the morning. But skincare can only take me so far sometimes. That is why I always have my Natural Calm on hand. This stuff works miracles when I can't get my mind to rest. I just mix a spoonful in with a cup of water before I go to sleep and all is well. The best part? It actually tastes good! Is it dessert? No. But it is easy to drink for sure. There are a ton of flavors to choose from but Raspberry Lemon is my current go to. It comes in a variety of sizes and flavors so it is easy to find something that works for you.