Local Love with Mythos Apothecary

I have been mentioning Mythos Apothecary products on my instagram for a while so I am glad to finally have an entire post dedicated to the products I have been using from the line! I was initially drawn to the brand because of the packaging, it is so good. And the content is amazing as well. Don’t you love it when a product is amazing and looks good on your vanity? So satisfying. I have gone back twice to buy more products at Midcity Makers Market, which is where I stumbled upon Mythos Apothecary.

Illuminate Facial Oil

I will admit, I did not know how to use this when I first got it. In the name it says facial oil which makes me think you leave it on but in the description says to use it like cleansing oil. So to be fair I used it both ways, and yes, you can. I personally preferred to use this as a leave on oil, especially when my skin was feeling crazy dry. I would just mix in a couple drops into my night cream and it would even out any dry patches I had going on. I feel like this way makes the bottle last longer since it’s 1 ounce. Granted, yes, you can use it as a cleansing oil and it will take off all makeup, I just like to preferred it the other way. But you do you.

Green Gaia

You guys know I am not usually a fan of physical exfoliants, but something about this one spoke to me. I think it was that it is described as a micro exfoliant, which made me willing to try it since exfoliants with a large grain tend to tear up my skin. I did like how soft my skin felt after I used it, but it does have a strong natural scent. The scent does not linger after you rinse it off but it is definitely one of the stronger smelling products in the line that I have tried. After having it for a while the smell definitely got stronger and I was not a fan of that, and I felt like it worked better on my body than it did on my face.

mythos apothecary

Oracle Mist

This is one of two secret weapons I have for a good nights rest. I have a full post on that here, but I love spraying this all over my room throughout the day. I’m not a fan of overwhelming room sprays, but this just keeps my room smelling fresh and drama free ;). Plus it comes with a crystal you can use when the bottle is gone.

Sacred Sleep Balm

Again, I have a post on my sleep routine that includes this product. I have the full description of how I use this product on that post but I have been a huge fan of this since I bought it. It’s super easy to use and I get the best sleep now!

Loose Lips Balm

I initally bought this lip balm because I liked the shape and packaging of it. It turns out it is actually a fantastic product! I enjoy that it is thin in texture and not sticky at all, but still deeply hydrating. I love lip balms that come in a tin and have my fair share of them, but I prefer to use a stick lip balm for sanitary reasons, especially at work. This is my current go to to keep at the office.

Whipped Soap Scrub

I am sucker for body scrubs. And I am picky about them as well. Nothing pisses me off more than when a body scrub is overly oily and it just sticks to your skin and you get out of the shower a slimy mess. Terrible. This is not that product. An interesting aspect of this product that I appreciate is how firm the texture of this product is. When you massage it on the skin it’s almost like a solid foaming exfoliator. And it does get sudsy! When I get out of the shower my skin is soft and smooth and not slimy at all. It is perfect.

I did not link to all the products on here since I could not find them on the website, but you can follow the brand on Instagram and as I find the products online I will be sure to update this post. If you are ever in the Baton Rouge area make sure you drop by the Midcity Makers Market as that is where I got all of these goodies!