Living Alone


I am 27 years old and living alone for the first time. Sometimes I eat dinner in the bathtub, sometimes I spend all day with no pants on, and sometimes it is quiet and lonely. All in all, I am more than happy with my decision to get my own place, but I am here to break down the good and bad aspects. After all, it’s not always snacks in the bath.

The Good

I can do whatever I want. Literally. Take my pants off immediately upon getting home and throw them in the laundry? Did it. Clean naked? Always. Eat dinner in the bathtub? If you’re not following Tub Time Tuesday on my Instagram then you’re missing out. I can do whatever I want and everything is right where I left it and that is worth it for me. I never thought coming home to my coffee mug right where I left it would make me so happy.

Also, I get to decorate how I want! I have never been able to do what I want with my home decor and I totally thought I would go for an all natural color palette, but I went totally rogue and have color everywhere. It all started with the emerald green sofa I bought (at Target, of course) and it all went from there. Now I have orange (orange?!) curtains, and am currently slip covering some stools in a very interesting colors. No spoilers though.

The Bad

Living alone can get expensive, sure. But the good has definitely outweighed the bad in this case. I am fine being tighter with my budget if it means I can live by myself. My apartment is also around the corner from where I work so I can eat lunch at home everyday, therefore saving me money! The downside? I am also right by a Target….that can be a problem.

The Lonely

Yeah, it gets lonely from time to time, however it is rare. I can entertain myself for hours. There was a time when I hadn’t hooked up my WIFI and I had no Netflix to watch (no Friends?! gasp!) and that was tough, but I had a lot of me time and it was nice to unplug for a while. My stress levels were lower and I spent more time at the gym or in the tub. It was this time that showed me how effective no internet can be. Sometimes I even took myself out on coffee dates to get some blog stuff done.

Because of my lack of WIFI I found an amazing group of people that also enjoy eating while in the bathtub. You may be thinking, this is a thing? Yes it is, and if you have not tried it I highly urge you to. People shame me often for doing this thinking I am some disgusting creature. It is the most fun you will ever have in the bathroom! Embrace the naughtiness! Eat ice cream in the tub!

All in all, am I happy with my decision to live alone? Hell yeah! But it definitely has its moments. I will be sure to post a full apartment tour when it is all finished but for now I will be sharing little things here and there on Instagram.