Dry Skin Saviors

My skin went through it this winter. And I mean wow. I did my usual switch from gel moisturizer/clarifying toner to heavy creams and hydrating essence, but I really needed to step it up apparently. No matter what I did my skin always felt gross (all over my body, I was so dry!!) and my makeup never looked right. Despite the cold season being over I still use these products so I thought it deserved a post.


collagen water.jpg

Okay so I have always been a fan of collagen (Vital Proteins to be exact) but I have always been into the powder to mix in my morning coffee. Recently I decided to try out the new collagen water and damn it has stepped up my hydration game! It is my go to post workout since I don’t like anything too heavy but I know protein and water is the best thing after a workout. Plus, hydration is key for soft dewy skin.

Raw Sugar Body Products

Granted, I love all things Raw Sugar, but I brought the body wash with me on my recent Michigan trip and it saved my skin. I also used the body butter since it’s like a tub of icing. So decadent! I usually don’t depend on body washes to hydrate my skin but damn this brand really does the trick. My person favorite flavor is the Lemon Sugar and if Raw Sugar could just make it into a candle that would be greattttt.

Little Mini Humidifier

This is the best purchase I made for my Michigan trip, and I almost didn’t bring it with me. Almost. It is small, easy to use, and it’s shaped like a freaking cactus I mean come on! I never thought to have a humidifier since I live in Louisiana and it’s already pretty humid, but it made a huge difference in Michigan. I know this because the first day we were there I felt terrible and I didn’t use the humidifier. The next night I decided to give it a whirl and even my sister said her skin felt better the next day. Proof.

Foundation + Beauty Oil

I often mix beauty oils with my foundation to give it a great glowy look while also getting tons of skincare benefits, but this was especially helpful in cold weather. My personal favorites to mix with foundation are the Sunday Riley CEO oil or the Tatcha Beauty Oil. They’re both thin and hydrating and mix well with most foundations. I actually found the Tatcha oil in a cute little set online (which is great since it’s kind of pricey)


And not in the scrubby scrubby kind of way. I have sworn by Sunday Riley Good Genes for years now and I continue to use it. While I like to use it off and on (taking breaks from skincare can be a good thing!) I make sure I am using it during the winter months since it keeps my skin smooth and hydrates. There is nothing worse than an exfoliator that tears up your skin.

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